The Best Log Splitter Reviews In 2019

The best log splitter, the best solution for spending hours and hours on ax to gather enough supply for firewood. Remembers those winter mornings or evenings when you are struggling with the dry hardwood logs to spill. And the cold was trying to make your fingers stone and the back sore. But hours of hard work not only produce dozens of log woods but also blisters on your hands.

So, forget all those sad memories and the old ax. Let it be rested in your wear house and bring the best champion log splitter in your home. You can buy gas, electric or manual log splitter which suits you better. It will you save your time, splits more than two dozens of logs within 10 min. And more importantly, you can split as much as the wood you want without back pain or blistering.

What is a Log Splitter?

In simple words, a log splitter is kind of machine which splits precut wood chunks/logs into two or four splices. It uses a chainsaw or saw bench for cutting. Some log splitters have hydraulic; some have the piston and some with electrical rods to generate force. The force of log splitter is rated by tons. The more tons a log splitter got, the better it can perform.

Log splitters those are made for lighter works for home, cabin usages are mostly around 10-15 tons. But for professional and commercial usages this power rating could be increased to 30+ tons. Higher pressure is meant cut long, thick and dry logs even and cleanly.

A log splitter could be a great alternative to the ax. They can cut 3/4 dozens of logs in an hour depending on the pressure, power, and speeds. The splitter takes low time to complete splitting and most importantly without making you exhausted.

The commercial log splitters are more advanced. They could spill even 4-foot-long logs within two secs in four pieces and also carry the spat logs to pile. This type of log splitters is used in business places to sale local market.

best electric log splitter

Different Types of Log Splitters

Splitting logs with an ax are really hard. Sometimes the occasional wood splitting with ax seems fine, but it’s tough to make it continuous process. There are many types of splitter invented and available for people over time to lessen the hard work of swing an ax. In down below we have discussed four favorite kinds of the log splitter. So let’s begin.

1. Manual Log Splitters

Manuel log splitter is simple, light, affordable and needs small space to store. Manual log splitter can be foot powered; hand powered even hydraulic powered. This log splitter requires more or less manpower to run but a good alternative to cutting woods with an ax. If you need fire woods occasionally, then you might consider having these splitters.

2. Electric log splitters

Electric log splitters are fast, portable and an advanced solution for log splitting. They are good to use inside your home or outside. They are powered by an electronic motor efficiently really runs with the home electricity. For operation level, they could be either ground, stand or bench level.

This type of splitter is quite cost-effective and required low maintenance. You can run them in a home with the usual electrical outlet.

3. Gas Log Splitters

Gas log splitters are the most reboots, large and heavyweight compare than those two. They are suitable for the vast spilled diameter of logs. Most of the gas log splitter complete a cutting cycle 10-15 sacs. They don’t need to be plugged but don’t even usable for indoors.

They are made for outdoor usage, require oil changes, air filter changes. It comes with the different price range, and for getting quality one, you have pay high. If they maintained adequately, then a gas log splitter will serve you many years. Gas splitters are great for home or heavy professional usage.

4. Kinetic Log Splitters

This the most advanced splitter to cuts wooden in lightening speed. Compare then another type of splitters the run time of Kinetic log splitter only 2-3 sec. It uses strong flywheel system which stores energy from the engine to splitting wheels and releases it while cutting logs.

It doesn’t need to wait for the ram to press the log and slice down little by little steadily. Besides, it doesn’t hassle you with hydraulic oil, pumps, etc. the kinetic splitters are a lot easier to maintain. You need to take a tune up the engine, simple.

Best Log Splitter Reviews of 2018

If you need a log splitter for home, restaurants, motel or for cabin then you will find a lot of affordable options just near your hand. Here we have, listed 10 log splitter reviews on popular mechanics that will make ease your regular firewood splitting. have a look down below.




Power Source


WEN 56222 Lumberjack Gas-Powered Log Splitter

22 Tons


Check Price

Dirty Hand Tools 100171 Gas Log Splitter

22 Tons


Check Price

Powerhouse XM-380 Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter

7 Tons


Check Price

Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter

7 Tons


Check Price

Champion Power Equipment Gas Powered Log Splitter

22 Tons


Check Price

Pow' R' Kraft 65556 4-Ton 15 Amp Electric Log Splitter

4 Tons


Check Price

Southland Outdoor Gas Powered Log Splitter

25 Tons


Check Price

NorthStar Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter

37 Tons


Check Price

Goplus New 1500W 6 Ton Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter

6 Tons


Check Price

YARDMAX YS2565 25 Ton Half Beam Gas Log Splitter

25 Tons


Check Price

1. WEN 56222 Lumberjack Gas-Powered Log Splitter

Our first log splitter review is for WEN 56222 Lumberjack Gas-Powered Log Splitter. This is the best gas log splitter for those who are looking for standard performance splitter machine. The WEN Gas-Powered Log Splitter is quite a handy tool for providing enough supply.

It’s a 22 tons machine with 2Hp copper wounded motor which runs on household electricity. It’s suitable to use for both indoor and outdoor. For portability, it has two 6“ tires and two soft handles. It weighs only 100 lbs so easy to move single-handedly.

best commercial log splitter

This best log splitter is good for small to medium all kind of tree logs. According to the manufacturer, it’s good to split ten diameter logs, but we find it a bit hard to believe. While we try one 8+“ diameter log, it really struggles with splitting also the power was lessened during other woods splitting. Hence if you really need to cut 10 or more log with the splitter, you have to do so smartly. While spilled those log half with the ax or cut them very last off work and flip it again and again to complete full splitting.

Otherwise, the log splitter for the money was pretty decent on 3/4“ diameter of woods. It's 4/4“push plate into the 4.5-” wedge to cut hard to soft any woods a like a nice even rip.

  • Fully smooth and noise-free operation, so suitable for indoor usage.
  • Built-in log cradle/guide keeps log on track for smooth splitting.
  • Sturdy construction and safe for everyday usage.
  • Complete plug and play operation, the 2p copper wound motor to start with the single push.
  • Very cheap in price compare then other renowned brands of log splitters.
  • Need to use your two hands to remain large diameter of the wooden log while splitting.
  • Won’t spilled 10-” diameter logs.


If you have low storage and limited budget but really need the best electric log splitter for cabin or small house, then this one could be a perfect choice. It’s easy to use, transport, decent performance overall quite an impressive machine for log splitting.

2. Dirty Hand Tools 100171, 22 Ton Horizontal/Vertical Gas Log Splitter

Here is another log splitter review for Dirty Hand Tool 100171. It has the power Kohler engine, four-way splitting option, and many other useful features. Kohler engine is one of the most influential engines which can give an ultimate splitter power to ct almost anything. For this particular log splitter, we can say the engine was very efficient during the test. It always starts at one start if the weather was typical. For cold days it takes two or three attempts to start the engine.

The good news is this 22-ton log splitter is designed to deal with small, medium and big stuff. If you can lift wood, the dirty hand tool can cut it into as many pieces as you want.

log splitter reviews on popular mechanics

The additional wedge with a four-way split is quite useful while working. It can turn three splits into one and vastly cuts down on your time splitting wood. If you have to cut logs from a whole big tree or need to tear 30-50 logs for the season; then this feature will come handier.

If you have a place in your yard garage etc. and need to cut down a whole bunch of wood logs every season, then this beast is perfect to have. You can throw on it literally any kind of woods. Like, big, irregular grain, knotty, seasoned, green or anything.

  • Powerful engines and starts quickly without any fuss.
  • The Beam and ram are nice, heavy and built for using lifetime.
  • All the hoses of the splitter are protected from top to bottom with good wire wrapping.
  • Very powerful, it splits everything or every type of wood you feed it.
  • For large logs, it has a four-way blade which is the best part of it and cut woods like butter.
  • The blade pin of the 4-way blade seems soft which may not survive for a long time.
  • The blade guards seem week.


So, basically is a great log splitter for any home or workshop. The log splitter comes with a reasonable price, and most of the Dirty hand tools are durable. It’s easy to assemble and easier to use though.

3. Powerhouse XM-380 Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter

Our next best log splitter review is for Powerhouse XM-380. This a petite size, electric log splitter specially made for the house and small spaced area. Its only 103 pounds with 38x11 size; but still good to spilled 100 logs per hour.

Due to the size can spill all log at a time which means you can break one chunk of wood at a time. It’s not like big size multi-log cutters. But its compact size and powerful engine make sure you can cut logs without having head and backache. It goes very low noise which is great for work for hours.

Besides, it’s safe than other manual wood cutting process. To eliminating injuries, it has two handles simultaneous operation so that you can so your both hands could be free and operate the machine according to the requirement.

Best Log Splitter 2017

The design of the log splitter is patented. It's electrically powered, portable. It consists of a hydraulic ram, safety controls and the capacity of the splitter is 7 ton. The splitter automatically retracts when you remove your hand from the lever. So, that you can load the next log and save more time.

The splitter takes only six seconds to split a hardwood log about 20 “es long in 12-” diameter. After splitting a log, it returns to the previous position in just 5 sec.

  • Its spilled logs pretty fast, even the long, thick logs within six secs.
  • Suitable for almost every kind of woods to spill.
  • Easily portable, you can store them in small space in a warehouse after using them.
  • Way more better than the gas or petrol splitter, very quiet, sturdy and durable too.
  • Very affordable, and compare that price its well quality product.
  • The guide rails are made of light metal.
  • Struggle with bugger logs when they are dry.


This an affordable option for any house owner who need to cut logs every day/ It much more accessible option than your ax and other bulky splitters. Now you can cut logs without dripping sweat.

4. Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter

Here is another 7 ton best log splitter for houses. The Boss Industrial ES7T20 is made for showing ultimate power strength. It offers both convenience and portability, and the rams power is excellent to deal with any significant projects. Its powerful electric motor delivers 7-ton splitting force with none of the toxic emissions that come with those gas powered units.

The electric log splitter is about 106 lbs and 40x13.5x20.5 “es. It takes a reasonable amount of space to store. Also, you can use it both indoor and outdoor very efficiently. It’s easy to move anytime and anywhere without any complication.

The splitter has the built-in side rail that keeps the log steady while splitting. While the front handle allows more maneuvering. The design of the Boss Industrial is unique and safe though. The patented hydraulic system including single-handed operation this electric splitter is beneficial for long-term usage.

electric log splitter reviews

The log splitter has a 2Hp electric motor which runs on 115VAC and draws more than 13.5 amps or 1500 watts. The log splitter needs a 15-amp circuit to run, but you can also use 20A citric too. It comes with a regular length of the cord but if need any extension gauge extension cord will do great.

It can easily spill any 14 to 17 “es logs quickly and for many times. Sometimes you may need turn over the log and split it again. Because for high dimension logs it may leave some part uncompleted. But otherwise, it’s great for anything kind of woods.

  • Good quality log splitter for small residential works.
  • It’s not like those gas splitters, so it sounds deficient while working.
  • Automatic ram return and convenient one-handed operation.
  • Cuts woods in 5-6 sacs even the thick logs too.
  • Very affordable, and last for a long time.
  • The splitter tends to split one side of the log and avoid knots.
  • Shows trouble when you are going to 20+ “es thoroughly dry woods on it.


Overall it’s a great log splitter for long-term use. Its compact in size, portable, offers a decent performance on heavy and thick logs and cuts very fast. Moreover, it comes at a fair price which anyone can afford.

5. Champion Power Equipment No.92221 Gas Powered Log Splitter

Want to meet with a real champ then look no further, here another 22 ton gas log splitter of all time- the Champion Power Equipment No.92221. It can split any size, type, and weight of logs in no time. Its suitable to use for both horizontally and vertically only with adjusting the pull pin.

The 22 ton log splitter gives a portable, dependable, fast, and heavy-duty log splitting every time. Its 23x4 “ hydraulic cylinder and two-stage hydraulic pm produce 3500 psi pressure. So, it can complete the cutting procedure of a single log within 14 min. And that includes returning the blade after cutting the log. It can cut 100 lbs of the 24-” log just like cutting a tofu.

gas log splitter reviews

It has 2” ball hitch, and dot approved wheels including 6.5-gallon hydraulics oil capacity and spin on oil filter. The machine comes with 196 OHV engine with one-gallon gas tank and cast iron sleeve.

However, we tried with some large logs too, to test the potentiality of the splitter. There were 26, 28 and 32” logs and it all cuts in same time and speed without giving a fuss. But one crucial thing should remember that while you are working more big logs start with the cleaner part without knots. The machine changes direction while start to cutting logs sometimes.

  • Suitable to cut logs from vertical or horizontal position.
  • Powerful 196cc champion OHV engine provides more speed and power while cutting.
  • The splitter comes with the log catcher for both sides.
  • Great for cutting small to large and size and type of woods in no time.
  • All the wire and mechanical instrument are safely covered with a proper cover, and tube.
  • Takes a lot of time to assemble and unease to shift or move.
  • Due to its robust performance and quality construction, this splitter will cost you a lot.


The best gas log splitter from Champion Power equipment shows important actions during our tests. It’s able to deal with dry wet and any kind of tree woods like a piece of butter. So, those who require extreme power can defiantly go for it.

6. Pow' R' Kraft 65556 4-Ton 15 Amp Electric Log Splitter

Here is another affordable log splitter for your everyday use. The Pow' R' Kraft 65556 is a reliable option for many people. This 1500-watt electric motor runs in the regular household current. It has 4-ton ram splitting force which capable to spilled 20 “es long, and 1o“ is diameter wood logs without any problem. But if you get a chunk wit knows that probably it may give unclean cutting. But still, it’s a perfect machine to cuts many logs without dripping sweat.

best log splitter axe

It can easy to use and easy maintaining log more split for indoor and outdoor usage. Compare then other more split it takes time to complete cutting and return. After dealing a lot of fast woods more split this one was really annoying for us. But one interesting thing we noticed that it threw a lot less of wooden powder and small chunks and created less mess. It does not mean it cuts uneven. The cutting and other performances were same as our other log splitter reviewed like even and equal cutting performance.

The good side of the machine is it splits a right amount of logs without getting tired. Overall, machinery, housing, and construction of the more split are pretty standard. That's why many people reviewed it as a durable splitter among all.

  • Very smooth operation and male less sound during work.
  • Good for splitting small to large almost every kind of woods.
  • Safe to run because its secure operation prevents your hand gets accidentally get there.
  • Does not throw small woods all over the place like others.
  • Affordable price so, great for small budget users.
  • Need both hands to run which seem safe but sometimes annoying while repositioning woods.
  • Runs slow with knot parts and cut unclean.


If you want a low maintained log splitter, then this one will work best to ha. Its decent performance with all type of woods and durability is really important to count.

7. Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SLS20825, 25 Ton Gas, Powered Log Splitter

If you want more powerful log more split which can deal with any stubborn woods, then you may try this one. Our next best log splitter is for Outdoor Power Equipment SLS20825. It's a 25-ton log is more split with ultimate power but super easy to handle. It can cut even the highest diameter of the log just like butter. This gas log more split is vast but quite simple to assemble. The machine has 208cc 8.5-foot lbs of torque OHV engine. This powerful engine can give powerful punch to break every hard wooden chunk that you lay on in front of it. Moreover, its ability to split a combination of logs so you get multiple cut logs every time.

best log splitter review

In addition, the splitter takes approximately 17 secs to cut a log. After trying some thin logs, we worked with some 26-” long maple logs. It takes almost same time. Actually the ram forces in the same amount but due to it's not so super first so, the blade spilled the log in the same amount of time.

Another right side of the splitter is it can be used horizontally and vertically. We know when you are dealing with a large 20-” diameter of the log it was tough to lift, control and spilled equally. That's the time when the more split comes handy. Now splitting huge logs are now piece of cake if you have this big boy.

  • Great for splitting large to small any type of logs.
  • Engines worked fine and started with just one or two attempts, even in the cold days.
  • Handy instruction manual for explaining assembling and taking care process.
  • According to many real users, it’s a durable product.
  • Very straightforward maintenances.
  • The more split is quite high in price.
  • The assuming process is simple, but due to the weighty tolls, it takes a lot of time.


Overall, the motor, ram and the total construction goes beautifully together to achieve every successful splitting of the best gas log splitter. It’s a powerful machine for any professional to cut a massive amount of logs every day.

8. NorthStar Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter

If you sell fire logs professionally then, this big guy will be a cleaver choice to have. The NorthStar Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter is a 37-ton log splitter and can split almost anything you feed it. You can use it either vertical or horizontal position; it is flexible on both. The log splitter from NorthStar is gear up with a very robust engine from famous brand Honda. This Honda GX270 engine with a unique idle down feature that accumulate fuel and diminishes clattering while loading the next wood chunk.

This log splitter comes with a concentric hydraulic pump which smartly adjusts the pressure and flow by providing high or low pressure. Mainly when there is no resistance and low flow else high pressure. This feature increases productivity and lessens cutting time though.

log splitter review

Furthermore, the machine includes the four wad wedge wings to quarter logs with just a single piece instead of three. The splitter does have the automatic cylinder retunes which save you from pushing liver, again and again, to return the blade in the previous position.

The great thing about the machine is it can cut all seasoned or wet logs even the knotty woods very well. Most of the log splitter even the powerful one shows trouble while slicing woods with crouch. It’s like running a hot knife over the butter.

  • Highest 37-ton RAM, very capable of splitting large size of dry logs.
  • The powerful motor engine from Honda always starts on a single attempt.
  • The splitter is good for not making much noise during work.
  • As long as the fuel remains on the engine, it never gets tired of splitting.
  • Due to its quality and features, the product is costly.
  • The splitter is more than 600 pounds, that’s why it’s hard to assemble, shift, etc.


So, even if a cost a little extra but considering all the option that it should count first. It’s a professional grade splitter which going to service your years with satisfaction.

9. Goplus New 1500W 6 Ton Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter

Goplus Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter is  another good log splitter of our list. Its small in power capacity buy just great for house usage. The Goplus New 1500W is 6-ton log splitter which runs on electricity. You can use it indoors to keep your firewood supply up and doing. It’s a waterproof log splitter and will not get rust so quickly. This is the features lack many brand log splitter. But the Goplus New 1500W has IP rate of waterproof rating. The machine has 1500W of working power to work defiantly on different types of woods.

best log splitters

For firewood supply at home, you may need high length and diameter of woods every time. You can easily split 10 to 16” of logs with the log splitter. But for more long logs it will be unclean cut of log splitting. We tried 20”logs with this machine and its started fracture for last 5/6“. So, if you really need to cut thick and large dry logs you have to flip the fractured portion and cut it again.

It is a two hand operated safe wood splitter. Many people may not happy with the fact using both hands during work. But in on the side, it's safer not to hurt. After using for some while you will get used to it.

  • Very affordable option so any homeowner can have it for their firewood supply.
  • Fit for cut small to medium long seasoned or wet logs.
  • Runs with home electricity so no hassle with pouring fuel and very quiet operation.
  • Simple maintenance got give hisses with the operation, clean, etc.
  • Don’t split so much woods during splitting, so the ground remains neater.
  • The wheels seem flimsy.
  • Not robust to deal with massive logs.


Overall it’s an affordable and well performative option for anyone who needs log supply during the winter months. It’s suitable for using indoor too so anyone who lifts wood logs can use it with ease.

10. YARDMAX YS2565 25 Ton Half Beam Gas Log Splitter

When are you looking for a robust log more split what you look for most? High power engine, portability, and colossal working stamina, right? Well, the YARDMAX YS2565 25 Ton Half Beam Gas Log Splitter has all. It's a 25-ton gas log is more split with a standard design with flawless performance. This rugged machine specially made for heavy duty applications.

First of all, it's easy to assemble. Second of all its compact and size and quite quick and easy to move. Finally, it can be used both horizontally and vertically and can cut anything.

Best Log Splitter 2016

The machine can effortlessly spill woods into two pieces with its built-in two-way wedges. But if its smaller diameter of the log then it cut into four pieces. YARDMAX YS2565 25 Ton Half Beam Gas Log Splitter has the patented four-way wedge with the blade too.

It has another fantastic tool the dual log cradles. It actually catches splitting wood with the pair of log cradles. If you use it with the mountable log table, then your work will be easier and less messy. The cradles are included with the machine but the mounted table have to buy separately. Moreover, its pending log more spin for plate smoothly rotates logs for splitting, riding extra pressure on the beam.

Overall, it's a powerful, clean and efficient log more split for any professional or home log splitting job.

  • The more split effortlessly pretty simple to assemble without having much assistance from other people.
  • Useful to split large size of wet or dry any kind of woods.
  • Cut evenly; its wood cradles make sure even cutting and create less mess.
  • Good to use for horizontal and vertical usage.
  • Its patented U-beam structure gives stronger performance core than usual I-beam structure design.
  • after every work, you may need to check and tighten the motor mount bolts.
  • Heavyweight so, easy to move around.


So, overall its great more split for in this cost. It's good to deal with wet to seasoned any kind of tree woods. If it maintained the best commercial log splitters able to make a long run year after years without giving much trouble.

best gas log splitter

How to Use a Log Splitter? Step to Step Guide

Before making your final purchase, you should have a clear idea about how to use your best wood splitter safely. In general, the basic concept of log splitter operation for a different type of log splitter is same. Some additional procedure that applies for only a particular model will be mention in the manual. Follow these steps to use a log splitter properly.

Adding additional components

If you get gas powered log splitter, then make sure it has ample gas before adding the hydraulic oil. The next thing is adding oil to the wood splitter. How much oil you should pour is varied model to model. So, read the instruction of your model to figure amount the amount. After that, your machine will be ready to work.

Activate the wedge

After set up and adding essential components you can begin to place a log for testing. First, secure the position of the wood against the wedge. Place the cleaner portion of the log on the edged, so knotty part can’t be an obstructed while cutting. It will not stop the machine but may cause unclear or fractured woods.

Now, locate the lever and pull to trigger piston. It will apply a high pressure using wage and start to break the wood structure into your desired size cleanly. The activation mechanism could be a button to depending on the model.

If you are going to use a manual wood splitter, then this process will be little different. Manual logs include a hydraulic jack on the side of a log splitter. And a welded wedge would be situated on the other side. So, begin with tightening down the jack’s screw to secure the log. After that move the cylinder into position and manually pump the hydraulic jack until the wood chunk cut down. After completing than, releases the screw and push the cylinder in the previous position and do same for next log splitting.

Safety tips

Secure your log into position by holding it in the middle. It will help the splitter as a guide to split a line and also save you from getting hurt. Some splitter has guide keep a log align, but for manual log splitting, you have to hold it to split well.

For more protection, you need to wear eyeglass, boot, and gloves for scatter woods.

Read the manual

Reading the manual/instruction guide of your top rated log splitter provide the seller is mandatory. It will teach you how safely you can operate the machine. Also, it will instruct you about maintenance of the splitter.

best wood splitter

What to Look for While Buying a Log Splitter?

Choosing the top-rated log splitters will be easier if you consider some important factors like these-


For home usage, 20-25-ton wood splitters will be fine. Many people use 6-15 tons’ splitter for 2/3 months of winter firewood supply comfortably.

Select your log splitter according to the broadest wood brunch. Also, make sure your splitter can deal with green wood to. But remember, more power means more cost. So, choose carefully according to your need.


Check the operating tools, wheel, bench, guide, etc. of the splitter is well made. Also, the wear housing of the machine should well cover. Powerful log splitter meant to be used outside. Even your garage has enough space but uses your gas splitter in the yard. Gas splitter made toxic fume. So, avoid indoor operation with them.

Your electric log splitter should be easily transportable. Bulky splitter is robust to shift outside. That’s why they need a strong and durable wheel that glide effortlessly on the grassy, stoned or concrete ground.


Different types of wood logs need a different kind of splitter to spill. Actually, it is the hardness that requires power performance. Since hardness branch diameter is also an essential factor. Check the diameter limit of your log splitter and calculate what you usually use to split for fire woods. If you often cut 6-10” branches, then a 6-ton log splitter do great. For more diameter, the ton rate will be increased. For the 20+ diameter of logs, 22 or more ton of splitter will do fine.

Here is one thing to consider, the green logs. Green logs are those logs which are not seasoned. Usually, this type of woods is hard to cut. If you want to use your house tree branches for cutting, then you have to go for higher tons. A 12” green log need 16-ton log splitter.


In most cases, a brand is the other name of quality. If you want a quality product don’t go for random or unknown brand. Also, many brands offer models with the non-brand engine to lessen the cost. What the engine or motor made from and which name is also a crucial factor. Check this factors very carefully.


Maximum log splitter for home and professional usage are $200+. So, if want a log splitter for occasional usage then make a budget from $300-$700. the range of splitter is good to supply a right amount of woods for a winter month. But if you need firewood supply for 6-10 months then its better invest on a $1000 or more splitters. But before judging a splitter with its price, judge it with its features, power, capacity, and brand first.

Final Verdict

You need a good amount of supply for those long winter months. Splinting logs with an ax are really hard for an ordinary man, and most of the time the jobs come to the men of the house. In emergencies, it will be challenging to cut enough logs in the day for rest of the family member. With these log slitter reviews, you can the most useful log splitter that can help you to cut woods very quickly. So, it will save your strength and time for cutting woods.

So, you can go for a simple solution only spend a reasonable sum of money. But don’t over think that my 2-3 months of winter warming are going to cost a lot. We can say it’s a lifetime investment. Moreover, if you live in a cold country, then a log splitter is a must have equipment for your home. It allows you to spend more quality time with your friends and family besides giving you a backache or exhausted. Many sizes, quality, and power of log splitter are available in the market. You can choose from one of our selected option or research more in online. Just make sure your best log splitter suits your need, budget and give you ultimate performance always.

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